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Hi there!

I am an Artist, Software Developer, Data Analyst/Machine Learning enthusiast who loves to explore new technologies and learning ways to create engaging and impactful designs through my interest in the humanities, technology, and art.

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Tableau Lightning Strikes User Story

View on Tableau

Machine Learning-Education Dataset

View completed notebook on GitHub!

Animated WebPage

This work-in-progress one-page websites is built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and leverages the Vite framework, WebGL and GASP.

View on Netlify: https://spinstats.netlify.app/

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/iNeso1984/Vite_proj_WebGL

Slack Chat Bot

A simple chatbot using the Bolt API and Slack with JavaScript. This bot allows admins to pull from an API and chat/write random questions that Slack users can then respond to. API created with Heroku and Python.

View code on replit: