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Empower your data tools kit with power bi

I recently decided to focus on a particular dataset I was using for a previous project pertaining to penguins, dataset can be found in this GitHub Repo, and decided I want to take my dataset and try it with Tableau and Power BI. I think both offer some interesting benefits and have strengths and weaknesses. … Continue reading Empower your data tools kit with power bi

an artist s illustration of artificial intelligence ai this image depicts how ai could adapt to an infinite amount of uses it was created by nidia dias as part of the visualising ai pr

K-Means Clustering for Data Science

K-clustering, also known as k-means clustering, is a popular unsupervised machine learning algorithm used for partitioning a set of data points into K distinct, non-overlapping clusters. In this context, "K" represents the number of clusters the algorithm should create, and it is typically specified by the user before running the algorithm. Photo by Google DeepMind … Continue reading K-Means Clustering for Data Science