Vanessa Withun is a contemporary representational artist of Dominican heritage originally from Bronx, New York.  Coming from an artistic family, including graffiti artist, she was always drawn to the arts. After serving in the military and moving to southern coastal areas of the United States she developed an interest in conservation and ecology.  She was inspired by the wetlands and marshes that surrounded the coastal area and decided to pursue a degree in environmental science. Her style incorporates classical traditional representational art with other contemporary forms of art. Growing up in an urban environment and moving to the Southeastern region of the United States has allowed her to appreciate the vast richness of culture and various landscapes that make up the United States. She is inspired by Plato’s aesthetic conception of beauty in nature and seeks to explore this idea in art. She enjoys the use of color and heavy texture to show the intricacies of form and the behavior of light.  Her method involves working boldly in alla prima, from life, on a heavy textured surface. She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and three children. Her work has been exhibited across the United States.

Photo Courtesy of Bebe Alexander – Workshop at St. Marks Episcopal Day School