Vanessa Withun is a contemporary representational artist of Dominican heritage originally from Bronx, New York residing in Jacksonville, FL. Her work incorporates a variety of landscapes, still-life, and portraits inspired by the power of chiaroscuro and the use of the darkness to reveal light in order to capture emotion. Her work delves into finding a connection with nature–she is specifically interested in coastal landscapes. She seeks to bring attention to the power painting has in communicating ideas and stories. Her style combines Classical Realism with a contemporary twist by drawing on elements of Impressionism and Expressionism. Her still life method involves working boldly in alla prima from life. She hold a degree in Environmental Science and has taken classes at the Academy of Realist, Boston. She is a recent recipient of the J. Shepard Jr. and Mary Ann Bryant Arts Endowment for The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida. Her work has been exhibited across the United States.