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Vanessa Withun is a representational artist who combines elements of Romanticism with a more contemporary Realist’s style. She considers her work to be more expressive, relying on an intuitive process, rather than realistic.

Although she focuses on landscapes and wildlife, She also enjoys painting portraits and figures as well. Her passion for nature began several years ago when she desired to learn about plants and their adaptive features in Savannah, Georgia. As someone who was born and raised in an urban city in New York, she had little exposure to the beauties that nature offered as a child. As an adult, her curiosity led her to find her passion. She learned the different plant species and microorganisms that inhabited various wetlands in Savannah and even began collecting water samples to observe these organisms under a microscope. She pursued a degree in environmental science and her final thesis paper pertained to ways conservationists in the Southeastern region of the United States were mitigating environmental impact. She decided to continue the passion for science and nature and combine it with art. Her artwork is composed of oil and acrylic paintings produced in plein-air, through observation, memory, and/or created from the imagination.

She believes representing any object requires more than just representing its physical state accurately but involves a sentimental connection that cannot be produced by simple observation.