I am a representational landscape artist of Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage originally from Bronx, New York. I combine elements of what I feel distinguish traditional landscapes with a more contemporary style. I consider my work as an exploration of the various ways the landscape can be expressed.

My passion for painting landscapes, specifically wetlands, began several years ago when I desired to learn about plants and their adaptive features in my area, Savannah, Georgia. I learned about the different plant species and microorganisms that inhabited wetlands, and even began collecting water samples to observe these organisms under a microscope. I pursued a degree in environmental science and my final thesis paper pertained to ways conservationists in the Southeastern region of the United States were mitigating environmental impact. I decided to continue the passion I have and combine it with art. My artwork is composed of oil and acrylic paintings, as well as charcoal drawings, produced in plein-air, through observation, memory, or created from the imagination.

I believe representing a landscape is more than just representing its physical state accurately, but involves a sentimental connection that cannot be produced by simple observation. Therefore, I have included a series titled “The Imaginative Landscape” as a means to demonstrate that the landscape is composed of more than just natural elements and life forms and can be used to communicate emotions and ideas.